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Carman Leonard Smith & Olga Enciso Smith

A Loma Prieta Earthquake survivor and his wife

Hello Aaron, Thank you for taking my call. This is hard for me because my husband was at the Cypress viaduct when the quake happened. He broke his back and was trapped for about 4 hrs. He was coming home to Los Gatos from work in Berkeley. Sadly my husband Carman Leonard Smith died in March of this year. This is his obituary http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/mercurynews/obituary.aspx?n=carman-smith&pid=170150561  He died due to a fall while hanging clothes in the line he broke his hip. After surgery his recovery got complicated by bronchitis and pneumonia and many of his vital organs began to fail.  After 24 years of the metal rods in his back his legs began to weaken and pain began to bothered him the last 5 years. But he was  a "tough old bird" and stubbornly helped around the house, volunteered at the SJC Airport and traveled to the rain forest of Peru. In 2007 he was interviewed by Discovery Channel for the special "Decoding Disaster" regarding the infrastructure in our nation. I learned about Trauma Preparation from the community/family/friends network point to be able to recover from such a horrific event. We need people: neighbors, friends, family and community. This has been my experience. While I'm still grieving my husband's death, I'm available and would like to speak to the firefighters and paramedics who saved his life. Sincerely,
​ Olga Enciso Smith