Martin Mora, Firefighter - Engineer, San Jose Fire Department 

Martin Mora was working as an Allied Ambulance Paramedic on October 17, 1989 and conducted the rescue of Buck Helm, a victim who was trapped in his crushed vehicle for 7 days in the Cypress Structure Collapse. Martin received his award for outstanding service from the County of Alameda, California for his efforts during the earthquake. He was a ER tech at Children's Hospital, has been working for almost 20 years with the San Jose Fire Department and has been involved in a multitude of civic / volunteer groups in the Bay Area. Martin's contributions have been recognized by numerous 

organizations such as the Latino Firefighters of Northern California and several overseas charities. 

"The people that we are honoring want to make a difference in the world," said Master of Ceremony Rigo Chacon. "But yet they do not seek any recognition."Martin Mora, one of the honorees has been a member of the San Jose Fire Department for 15 years (at the time of this award) and is a member of the Latino Firefighters Association of Northern California, 'Los Bomberos'."Being a professional firefighter is the best job in the world," Mora said. "I am truly blessed to work with the brave men and women from the San Jose Fire Department". Aside from being a firefighter, Mora spends thousands of hours doing community services local, national and also internationally. He participates in the toy and food drive programs which helps those less fortunate, he teaches CPR classes, and teaches fire safety in elementary school classrooms throughout the Bay Area.

Martin has trained many firefighters from Latin American Countries in both firefighting & EMS. He has coordinated the transfer of surplus fire equipment to 3rd world countries and supplies including vaccinations, medication, clothing and disaster management gear. He also sponsors children in difficult situations so they can get a proper education.  Martin, typically modest as always, simply says he was again “blessed” to be Fireman of the Year in 2013, we are the ones who are truly blessed to have him serving all of us.  Numerous people have suggested Martin run for public office, he said "if I was elected in any capacity I would help everyone out there". Simply judging by his record, we are sure he would! - Executive Directors

Miranda Kramer, RN, MS

 Miranda is a native of San Francisco. In 1989 she was an EMT and Assistant Operations Manager at Allied Ambulance, fortunately she was dispatching at 5:04PM on Oct. 17, 1989. Always the take charge leader, Miranda played a pivotal role in maintaining an orderly and strategic EMS response to the incident. All of the citizens of Oakland are truly thankful for her exceptional performance, her calmness under pressure undoubtedly saved many lives on that fateful day! Miranda received an award for her outstanding service from the County of Alameda, California in conjunction with her efforts and continues her charity work. 

She has been a registered nurse for 16 years and has worked at U.C.S.F. since 1997. She graduated from the U.C.S.F. School of Nursing in 2000 with a Master’s Degree in Nursing as an acute care nurse practitioner and earned board certification in the following year. She became licensed as a clinical nurse specialist with national certification in 2001. She has extensive experience in the care of cancer patients and is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the School of Nursing. Miranda has specialized in critical care, cardiac surgery as well as thoracic and orthopedic oncology. She has been a nurse practitioner in Radiation Oncology since 2006. Her expertise includes patient education, skin care management and symptom management for patients under treatment in radiation.