​Spectacle Labs is showing us how Google Glass will become a standard tool for surgeons, EMS and clinical applications. Dr. Szotek is pioneering, designing and fully testing the application with medical students in a controlled teaching hospital setting. He is also a trauma surgeon for the Indy 500 and has tested Proctor in the field, it is showing great promise to allow doctors to actually see what EMTs and Paramedics are facing as they provide care. 

Spectacle Labs - 1989Earthquake.org Sponsor

Video streaming from the field, trauma center or OR

We are excited to have Spectacle Labs sponsoring 1989Earthquake.Org! They have created cutting edge Google Glass software for trauma surgery and EMS video streaming. In addition Doctor Paul Szotek, MD will be demonstrating his software at LP 25, this is a glimpse into the future of technology in medicine.
Paul Szotek, MD