Context Surgery - Sponsor

Google Glass Software for Surgeons and EMS

​John Scott is the Co-Founder and CEO of Context Surgery  a company developing Glassware solutions allowing surgeons to visually monitor medications and vital signs. Surgeons can improve all aspects of care with comprehensive checklists and video. Context Aware Computing Corp. plans future expansion into public safety & EMS.

John Scott

Ned Sahin, PhD

Brain Power LLC - Sponsor

Neuro-Assitive Glass Technology for Autism

​Ned Sahin is the founder and CEO of Brainpower LLC a company developing Glassware solutions to treat Autism. This revolutionary neurological feedback system shows great promise to focus treatment based on each child's unique needs.

Spectacle Labs - Sponsor

Live Video Streaming from any Location (EMS/OR)

Paul Szotek, MD is the Founder and CEO of Spectacle Labs. Their On-Site software is designed to allow multiple medical providers to stream Google Glass video directly to a secured website. The system is in use for trauma management at the Indy 500.

Paul Szotek, MD